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To create a Zpool you have to enter a Name and select the Virtual Devices you like to use.

Root” and “Mount point” are optional.

Root Unless this option is specified the name of the Zpool is the same you entered under “Name”. On the screenshot you can see the Zpool is called “tank”, here you can change the name to a diffrent one.
Mount point Here you can change the mount point of your Zpool. Default is /mnt/<Name> or /mnt/<Root> if you change to “Root”.


On this page you can create Zpool's out of your Virtual Devices. (these must have been configured already)

The screenshot's below show a RAIDZ + Hot Spare. If one of the drives fails it will be automatically replaced by the Hot Spare. A Hot Spare can be assigned to multiple pools, and will just be snagged by the pool that needs it first.

zpool - FreeBSD zpool manualpage - Used to create/configure ZFS storage pools

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